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Pablo Shmerkin


I am a Professor at the University of British Columbia (on leave from T. Di Tella University). My pronouns are he/him.

My work generally spans the areas of fractal geometry, ergodic theory and analysis, although I am also interested in connections to probability and combinatorics.

In particular, my recent work is concerned with:

  • Geometric properties of (random and deterministic) fractals of dynamical, arithmetic and combinatorial origin. In particular, geometrical aspects of dynamical rigidity and smoothness of self-similar measures.

  • Combinatorial problems in fractal geometry (distance sets, direction sets, Kakeya-type sets, projection theorems, etc).

  • Applications of fractal geometry in ergodic theory and analysis. 

  • Self-affine sets and the subadditive thermodynamic formalism.



Workshop in Fractal Geometry

3-7 July 2023, ICMS, Edinburgh
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